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Centrifugal Pressure Non-Contact Seals For Constant Motion Applications

Carlyle Johnson's patented Centritec Non-Contact Seals feature a double-seal design that keeps lubricants in and keeps contaminants out, even when idle.

Centritec seals, often referred to as centrifugal pressure seals, are a unique and cost-effective solution for sealing challenges in extreme environments, including turbines, rolling mills, railroad cars and locomotives, off-road construction vehicles and wind power generation.

Centritec Seals Are Engineered for Flexibility and Durability

Centritec Non-Contact Seals are extremely efficient components and operate with minimal parasitic drag.

In addition, the rotating chamber sealing method significantly reduces operational speed requirements, compared to typical non-contact seals, and allows the use of extremely low viscosity fluids, even as low as water.

Carlyle Johnson's experienced engineers can custom-design a Centritec non-contact seal to your exact needs, contact us for more information.

Features of Centritec Non-Contact Seals

CJM's Centritec Non-Contact Seal centrifugal sealing function offers an extremely flexible solution for a variety of lubrication methods. The seal can separate (or seal) two fluid mediums from each other, such as oil and water. The unit is also capable of pumping lubrication from the seal to the bearings, while operating in oil or grease.

The Centritec centrifugal pressure seal also solves the alignment issues associated with other labyrinth seals, by actually pumping fluids to create a pressure differential between the environment and the controlled fluid cavity. This advantage is not available in either the standard contact lip type seal or the labyrinth seals, and allows for some flexibility in axial alignment.

To learn more about our non-contact seal applications, visit our Engineering a Better Non-Contact Seal page.

Centrifugal Seal Diagram


Centritec Seals offers a wide range of custom designed solutions to meet specific requirements. Our engineers can assist you in development the most cost-effective and robust solutions to overcome your hosing assembly challenges.

  • Adapt to many applications – typical and atypical
  • Fit an existing application
  • Order specific pumping capabilities, size and material types
  • Account for additional motion, vibration or extreme environmental conditions


Many sealing solutions do not effectively meet the needs of applications with constant motion. From extreme temperature conditions to harsh environmental elements – such as snow, rain and dirt – Centritec Seals delivers reliability in a variety of applications including:

  • Turbines
  • Rolling mills
  • Railroad cars and locomotives
  • Off-road construction vehicles
  • Wind power generation

Contact Centritec Seals for more information on our centrifugal seal manufacturer services, or to request a quote for your application.