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Radial shaft seal manufacturer

Centrifugal Radial Shaft Seal Applications

Our non-contact seals are an advanced solution to industrial radial shaft sealing. Centritec Seals’ unique centrifugal design provides efficiency and leak-free operation in an array of difficult conditions, ensuring long lifespans and reliable performance.


From extreme temperature conditions to harsh environmental elements such as snow, rain and dirt, Centritec’s centrifugal radial shaft seals deliver reliability and performance in applications such as:

  • Compressors
  • Conveyors
  • Heavy equipment
  • Industrial fans
  • Machinery tools
  • Paper and pulp handling equipment
  • Pumps
  • Rolling mills
  • Transportation equipment
  • Turbine & generator applications

Centritec Seals are ideal for applications with high-speed operation, especially in installations with continuous usage. Our products have proven effective in radial shaft sealing applications that run all day, every day of the year. View the case study about our non-contact seals in operation.

Radial shaft seal manufacturer

Please contact Centritec Seals for more information regarding our products – the list of industries we serve are some of our most common applications, and we can always customize our seals as an alternative to your existing radial shaft seal, non-contact seal, bearing seals or specific requirements.

Contact Centritec Seals for more information on our shaft seal manufacturer services, or to request a quote for your application.